The Petbowe Path

The Petboew Path

Petbowe's Success Technologies

1. Customer Intimacy – delivering what the customers want; it involves three (3) core processes: solutions development, results management and relationship management.

2. Supplier Intimacy – is a strategic collaborative relationship that establishes trust and transparency for sustainable competitive advantage, supply and quality assurance, sharing of information for mutual growth and development. Its objective is to establish long-term relationship with key suppliers and come up with innovative solutions to strengthen the supply chain process.

3. StrengthsFinder – is a web-based assessment of normal personality that reveals the five (5) dominant themes of talent.

4. Wellness – is the company's program to encourage and teach people to take steps to prevent illnesses and to adopt lifestyles that are healthier. It also improves company's productivity since a physically and mentally healthy workforce results in increased performance and reduced downtime of employees.