Personal Care and Home Care Industries

Petbowe Group’s wide range of products offers huge variety of raw materials for use in the Personal and Home Care Industry. Its products are used in manufacturing of bath and shower product, oral hygiene, skin and body care, hair care, fragrance, color cosmetics and concealers. There are products used in the manufacturing of household consumer such as detergents, dishwashing paste and liquid, air fresheners, hand cleaners, etc. Major Personal and Home Care Raw materials suppliers abroad have a long term business relationship with Petbowe.



  Active Ingredients Moisturizer
  Antimicrobial Pearl Pigment
  Cold Pressed Oil Pearlizing Agent
  Conditioner Plant Extract
  Deodorizing Agent Polymer Additives
  Emollient Preservative/Biocide
  Emulsifier Solubilizer
  Essential Oil Surfactant
  Fabric Conditioner Vegetable Oil
  Fragrance Whitening Agent

Personal Care Industry

Bath & Shower

- Body Wash
- Bath Soaps
- Facial Cleansers
- Facial/Body Scrubs


Oral Hygiene
- Toothpaste
- Mouthwash


Skin & Body Care
- Color Cosmetics
- Anti-Aging, Whitening
- Eye Care, Lotions
- Astringents, Toners
- Moisturize, Deodorants


- Colognes
- Perfumes


Hair Care
- Conditioning
- Shampoos,Styling Gels
- Hair Color
- Hair Spa/Wax
- Anti-Dandruff
- Hair Growth


Color Cosmetics
- Make-up
- Eye Shadows
- Lipsticks
- Lip Gloss/Balm
- Mascaras


Foundations /


Home Care Industry

Liquid Detergent


Powder Detergent


Bar Detergent


Fabric Softener


Dishwashing Paste


Dishwashing Liquid


Air Fresheners


Hand Cleaners


Insecticide Sprays


Toilet Bowl Cleaners