Food Industry

Petbowe has a wide range of products for the Food Industry. For bakery, confectionery, dairy products, beverages, food mixes and blends, and snack foods. The products are used as raw materials for flavors, pastries, milk drinks, gums, biscuits, snack foods, processed foods, seasonings, etc. Petbowe works with its global partners. Major Food Manufacturing and businesses in the Philippines are Petbowe’s customers and has overseas presence through its global suppliers.



  Acidulants Food Additives
  Dairy Preservatives
  Emulsifiers Starches
  Flavor Enhancers Sweeteners
  Flavors (Nature-identical, Natural, FTNF) Spices

- Cookies
- Cakes
- Pastries
- Breads
- Biscuits


- Candies
- Gums
- Chocolates


Dairy Products
- Ice Cream
- Milk Drinks
- Yogurt
- Cheese Products


- Juices
- Alcoholic
- Non-alcoholic


Foods Mixes & Blends
- Salad Dressing/Mayo
- Culinary Sauces
- Seasonings
- Flavors


Process Foods
- Processed Meat
- Processed Fruits
- Processed Seafood/Fish
- Canned Meat
- Canned Fruits
- Canned Seafood/Fish


Snack Foods